Course for wig makers
una scena di Ali Babà allestito alla Scala di Milano
Course in technical theatre and stage management




Students have the unique opportunity to practice photography and videography at Teatro alla Scala and other major performing arts venues in Italy and abroad.



Steve McCurry, Douglas Kirkland, Silvia Lelli, Grazia Neri, Maurizio Buscarino and Alessia Glaviano are just some of the prestigious names who have been hosted for masterclasses in recent years, precious testimonials that make the course a unique experience.



Students will develop the full range of competencies necessary for creating photo and video reportages and multimedia projects.



Participants are guided toward full mastery of the profession on a one-to-one basis by consummate experts in the field.



Students will have access to the latest generation tools and software.

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Recap 2023-24

Curricular units
- Stage photography (Luciano Romano, Silvia Lelli, Rudy Amisano, Laura Ferrari, Pino Ninfa, Giovanni Hänninen, Lorenzo Di Nozzi)
- Digital image processing (Laura Ferrari)
- Studio photography (Corrado Crisciani, Luciano Romano, Lorenzo DI Nozzi)
- Photography history and criticism (Roberto Mutti)
- Aesthetics and image composition (Filippo Toppi)
- Photo editing (Paola Riccardi, Laura Ferrari, Roberto Mutti)
- Guided practical exercises (Andrea Angeli, Laura Ferrari, Filippo Toppi)
- Techniques of video shooting and editing (Andrea Angeli, Anna Frigo, Vito Lorusso)
- Performance reportage (Marcello Mencarini)
- Introduction to audio technology (Andrea Ferrario)
- Introduction to musical theater and music appreciation (Andrea M. Grassi, Fabio Sartorelli)
- Elements of visual design (Vinicio Bordin)
- Performing arts videomaking (Luca Scarzella, Anna Frigo, Michele Innocente, Felice Cappa)
- Video compositing (Michele Innocente)
- Audio-visual techniques (Jacopo Guarneri)
- Elements of lighting design (Emanuele Agliati)
- Elements of direction (Daniele Abbado)
- Elements of photography directing (Daniele Savi)
- Communication and New Media (Peter Maniura, Giulia Majer)
- Teambuilding (Filippo Toppi)
- Career orientation (Marco Pasotti, Filippo Toppi)
- Elements of design (Umberto Bellodi)
- Contract and copyright law (Gianfranco Daniele)
- Self-entrepreneurship (Lorenzo Di Nozzi)

This list may be subject to change.
Teaching staff
- Daniele Abbado, opera and theatre director, former artistic manager at Fondazione I Teatri di Reggio Emilia
- Emanuele Agliati, lighting designer
- Rudy Amisano, photographer at Teatro alla Scala in charge since 2005
- Andrea Angeli, videomaker, director and streaming staff coordinator at Accademia del Teatro alla Scala
- Umberto Bellodi, coordinator at Accademia Teatro alla Scala
- Vinicio Bordin, video designer, founder of the Karmachina Studio
- Felice Cappa, journalist, television author and video director
- Corrado Crisciani, photographer and photo teacher at Politecnico di Milano
- Gianfranco Daniele, business consultant
- Laura Ferrari, stage photographer and digital editing expert
- Andrea Ferrario, producer and sound designer, founder of the Bebop Studio in Milan
- Anna Frigo, filmmaker
- Andrea Grassi, musicologist
- Jacopo Guarneri, coordinator at Accademia Teatro alla Scala
- Giovanni Hänninen, photographer and visual artist
- Michele Innocente, video designer
- Silvia Lelli, stage photographer, founder of the Lelli & Masotti Studio, in charge at Teatro alla Scala from 1979 to 1996
- Vito Lorusso, film maker
- Giulia Majer, new media and direction expert
- Marcello Mencarini, photographer, founder and artistic director at Rosebud2, artisticdirector at Todi Immagine Festival
- Roberto Mutti, journalist, critic and curator of photography exhibitions, founder and artistic director of Photofestival Milano
- Pino Ninfa, photographer and visual artist
- Paola Riccardi, photo editor, curator of photography books and exhibitions
- Luciano Romano, stage photographer, founder and artistic director of the Grafiluce Studio in Napoli
- Fabio Sartorelli, musicologist
- Daniele Savi, photography director
- Luca Scarzella, video director, founder and artistic director of the Vertov Studio
- Filippo Toppi, coordinator at Accademia Teatro alla Scala

This list may be subject to change.
Length and attendance
The course will last from November 14, 2023 to November 8, 2024.
The attendance is mandatory, Monday to Friday from 9.30 am to 1.30 pm and three afternoons each week, from 2.30 to 6.30 pm.
Some theorical lessons could be proposed online.
Requisites for admission
- At least 18 years old;
- basic knowledge of photography technique;
- basic knowledge of digital image processing software;
- good teamworking skills.
Scholarships and loan
Scholarships, tuition exemptions, student loans, and other forms of financial aid bring training of the highest artistic quality complemented by direct practical experience in the chosen field within the reach of all.

Scholarships. One or more scholarships covering all or a part of tuition are available to students who pass the selection process and request one. Students whose ISEE (Equivalent Financial Status Indicator) is 20,000 euros or less are eligible to apply for a scholarship. Application instructions will be provided at the end of the selections in a specific announcement.

Merit loans and student loans. Thanks to the collaboration of certain banks, Academy students in good standing may also benefit from other forms of financial aid to cover tuition or lodging costs.
For further information, please contact the teaching office:
Selection program
The selection process consists of two steps:
- a written test to assess basic knowledge of photography and digital image editing;
- an individual interview including review of candidate’s personal photography portfolio (10-20 photographs).

The selection process will take place in two sessions: May 16–18, 2023 and October 5–7, 2023. Both sessions will be held at the Academy facilities at Via Santa Marta 18, Milan.

Those who enroll in and pass the first session will be eligible for a tuition discount. Those who do not pass the first session will have the option of enrolling in the second session but will lose the right to a tuition discount.

Download here the selections program.
Workshop and fast track
The Academy will offer an introductory workshop from September 11 to 15, 2023. Those who score 29/30 (twentynine thirtieths) or higher will be admitted to the Photography, Videography, and New Media Course without having to pass the selection process.
For additional information and the enrollment procedure, visit the website page.

You must apply within:
April 28, 2023 for the first round of selections
September 20, 2023 for the second round.

Register to the Academy enrollment platform at
Your email and the password you choose will become your login credentials [username and password] that can be used again for subsequent visits. You will also be asked to read the privacy notice. If you are already registered, please directly login.

After registering, enter the information requested for the specific applicant following the step-by-step. You will asked to download, sign, and attach the Terms & Conditions “Condizioni di contratto per la partecipazione". This step is necessary to proceed with the application process.

  • 1 passport-sized photo;
  • your full cv, completed and signed as described into the announcement.
You will be asked to pay the application fee of 85 € directly online via credit/debit card or credit transfer. The payment must be made online directly through the enrollment platform (do not close the page before paying).

A summary of entered data is generated at the end of the above steps: download it, sign it and attach it where required. When uploaded, the application will be completed and it will be sent to the Students' Office. The following communications and steps are described into the announcement.


Special thanks to:
Fondazione Banca Popolare di Milano, Fondazione Rocca