Foto Lucrezia Roda (c) Accademia Teatro alla Scala

Fondazione TIM, formed in 2008 to “promote the culture of change and digital innovation, favoring integration, communication and social and economic growth”, joined its name in 2016 with that of Accademia Teatro alla Scala – the performing arts academy that shapes tomorrow’s talents – in a multi-year partnership to support students with a series of innovative projects, using advanced communication tools and immersive technologies.

Hence the birth of Innovation on Stage, an itinerant Open Day touring Milan, Turin, Bari and Palermo that gives participants the chance to get a behind-the-scenes view of theatre and learn about the Academy and its course offerings: an immersive experience, an installation using the most advanced technologies to engage the audience directly in an exciting journey of discovery of the trades in the performing arts.


The last step of the tour is scheduled on Saturday April 21, 2018 in Milan, via Santa Marta 18, in the heart of the Distretto Cinque Vie during the “Fuorisalone” of the Milano Design Week.

It will be possible to discover more about the courses organized by the Accademia Teatro alla Scala, thanks to Oculus and mobile devices like tablets and smartphones.


The road-show previously touched the cities of Bari (September 15 and 16) during the “Fiera del Levante/East Fair”, Turin (September 23) for the Creativity Fair and Palermo, Piazza Massimo (October 16), after starting from Milan one year ago, on April 8, 2017.


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