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23 April 2014

he Course for Lighting Designers, with technical and artistic coordination by Marco Filibeck, Teatro alla Scala lighting designer, comprises the study of innovative elements in lighting design, video projection, and lighting control consoles.

The intensive curriculum includes design of lighting systems using IT tools and a thorough preparation in electrical engineering applied to lighting and control systems. The classroom work is complemented by hands-on training in the theatre to gain mastery in the use of lighting control consoles.



The course benefits from the experience of the top professionals in pertinent fields (lighting designers, scenographers, photography directors, lighting system builders) both in and outside of theatre, who provide students with an invaluable complement of knowledge and professionalism.

Internship and technical skill building

Students have the opportunity to work alongside professional teams in the staging of various performances both at Teatro alla Scala and in other performing arts venues. There will also be a weekly seminar with the experts from a prominent lighting company who will provide a detailed overview of how to use the Grand Ma 2 lighting control console.

Pratical exercises

The course involves a great deal of hands-on training at a theatre to master all the technical skills necessary for operating lighting consoles.

Tradition and innovation

In addition to the traditional elements of lighting design and construction, such as Lighting engineering for theatre and television and History of theatre lighting, the course includes in-depth study of new technologies now in the lighting designer’s tool kit in such units as Console technology, Projection techniques and AutoCAD to ensure that the students are fully prepared for today’s job market.

Recap 2017/2018

Main teaching Staff
Angelo Linzalata, Valerio Tiberi, Andrea Giretti, Daniele Savi.
from November 2017 to June 2018 (=400 h, divided into theory, practice and internship).
compulsory, from Monday to Friday, 6hours/day.
Prerequisites for admission
legal age + fullfillment of compulsory schooling, basic knowledge of lighting engineering and and basic knowledge of the lighting techniques for the theatre.
Preferential requirements
degree in scenography and work experience of lighting design and construction or lighting/electronics related to the performing arts.
Accademia Teatro alla Scala | Teatro alla Scala | “Ansaldo” factory of the Theatro alla Scala | “Abanella” rehearsals hall of the Teatro alla Scala.
the admission into the course is subject to passing a test (written + interview + comment about the lights used in some works staged at La Scala).
Registration Fee of €85, to be paid with a bank transfer or with credit card, and attendance fee to be paid only with a Bank SDD (SEPA Direct Debit) in three installments.
Application deadline
September 27th 2017.
The application will be opened on Friday 22 2019.