Course for wig makers

he course, whose technical-artistic coordination is entrusted to Marco Filibeck, lighting designer of the Teatro alla Scala, provides the skills needed to design, design and manage systems lighting in indoor and outdoor spaces for theatrical performances, television, cinema and events.


Teatro alla Scala

Studying on the stage of the Teatro alla Scala under the guidance of its professionals and witnessing the light tests of the productions of the season are a unique experience.

Multidisciplinary field

The course allows you to learn the many skills needed to design a lighting system, related to physics, electrical engineering and architecture.

Complete preparation

The acquired skills can be applied in the various fields where it is necessary to know how to manage the light in a dynamic and effective way: live show, but also cinema, fashion, events.


Practical activity is the fundamental element of the educational path: students practice in the classroom and in real theatrical contexts.

Recap 2019-20

Teaching Staff
- Marco Filibeck
- Andrea Giretti
- Mattia Carli
- Valerio Tiberi
- Daniele Savi
- Elisabetta Campanelli
- Angelo Linzalata
- Fulvio Cia
- Emanuele Agliati
- Alessio De Simone
- Massimo Guerci
- Mattia Diomedi
- Paolo Calafiore
- Ruggero Bellini
- Andrea Massimo Grassi
- Sergio Tasca
- Marco Pasotti
- Domenico Albanese
- Filippo Toppi
Eight months, from 18 November 2019 until July 2020
Mandatory, from Monday to Friday, for a total of six hours a day. For educational needs, some practical exercises may occasionally take place during the evening and on holidays. Any absences must be justified and can not however, exceed 25% of the scheduled hours, under penalty of exclusion from the course, unless motivated derogation by the Academic Board and the Directorate of the Academy.
Prerequisites for admission
- Legal age; - Secondary school diploma,
- Basic knowledge of Autocad 2D;
- Basic knowledge of electrical engineering and lighting technology;
- Basic knowledge of the application of light in the entertainment sector.
Preferential requirements
- Degree in set design,
- Previous experiences in the realization of lights and / or in the lighting / electronic sector of the show.
Accademia Teatro alla Scala | Teatro alla Scala | “Ansaldo” factory of the Theatro alla Scala | “Abanella” rehearsals hall of the Teatro alla Scala.
The course is open to 10 participants.
To access the course it is necessary to pass a selection test * which consists of:
- a written test, with questions to check the basic knowledge of lighting, stagecraft and electrical engineering;
- an individual interview, preceded by a questionnaire with questions a closed answer, aimed at verifying transversal skills, motivations and expectations of the candidate.
Registration Fee of €85, to be paid with a bank transfer or with credit card, and attendance fee to be paid only with a Bank SDD (SEPA Direct Debit) in three installments.You can find the fee of the course by downloding the brochure.
Scholarships and loan
You can access a loan at preferential terms called "Loan of honor" for the payment of the fee and paid by a Banking Institute. The procedures for requesting the loan of honor will be specified in a special announcement.
Application deadline
18 October 2019
Application form not available at the moment