Master in Performing Arts Management
Course in stage management

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RECAP 2021

Curricular units and teaching staff
- Professional figures in the performing arts
- Organization of producing and host institutions

Opera productions:
- Production process in an opera theatre
- Roles and responsibilities of the production director and other professional figures
- Work methodology
- Production planning
- Cost control
- Rehearsal plan
- Case study – Teatro alla Scala
(Principal instructor: Andrea Valioni, Teatro alla Scala Director of Production Management)

Festival production:
- Nature and specificities of the festival production model
- Festival planning and relations with local stakeholders
- Budgeting and analysis of logistical, organizational, and contractual aspects
-Practical exercises and case histories
(Principal instructors: Andrea Minetto, City of Milan Culture Commission Alberto Triola, Artistic Director of the Valle D’Itria Festival)

Tournée production model:
- Budgeting
- Logistics and administration
- Practical exercises
- Field activities and Teatro alla Scala tour
- Institutional aspects and planning strategies
(Principal instructors: Roberto Giovanardi, Senior Tour and Artist Manager Maria De Rosa, Assistant Director, Production Organization La Scala Academy Production Organization Department staff)
September 6-17, 2021.
Admission requisites
The workshop is addressed to adults who show a strong interest in learning the strategies and techniques for producing artistic performances. It is proposed both as an introduction for those intending to continue their study of management and as an opportunity to learn the Teatro alla Scala method. No previous experience in the field is required.

Deadline to apply: August 30, 2021

How to apply

Click on the “Apply” button. You will be asked first to pay the participation fee completd with account details, then you will find into your “Restricted area” on this website, under “Application draft”, the application form.

You have to attach, in digital format:
  • your passport-sized photo;
  • cv and passport;
  • signed “Terms and Conditions”, available and downloadable into the application form.
  • Please, read carefully the announcement and prepare in advance what you need to complete your application.

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