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The diploma program provides detailed training in a broad range of competencies, not only in-depth, practical knowledge of the La Scala Academy Ballet School teaching method, but also a solid background in dance instruction through complementary topics such as anatomy as applied to dance, child psychology and pedagogy, dance lesson planning, and music theory and practice.



The teaching staff is composed of instructors from the La Scala Academy Ballet School. After a long and brilliant career as performers, they are able to share experience of inestimable value with their students, transmitting knowledge of technique and interpretive sensitivity. They are flanked by preeminent experts in pedagogy, psychology, psychotherapy, medicine, physiotherapy, and history of music and dance, who will help students develop specific competencies applicable within a teaching context.



One of the key elements of the Ballet Instructors course is the student teaching program. Students will assist Ballet School instructors in lessons with pupils in years 1-6 of the Academy ballet program, allowing them to apply what they are learning on a daily basis in a real world context.

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Academic Year 2023-24

Study plan, Credit recognition & Didactic organization
Length and attendance
The course is spread over three years.
Each year will last from October to June.
Exam sessions will take place in July, September and January.

The yearly curriculum includes 1,500 hours of classroom work, workshops, and individual study for a total of 60 credits. The total for the three years is 4,500 hours and 180 credits.

The attendance is mandatory for at leas the 80% of the total amount of the hours, individual studiyng not includeed.
Calendars of the first quarter 2023-24:

Calendars of the second quarter 2023-24:

Scholarships and loan
Student loans, scholarships, and tuition waivers and other forms of financial support ensure that students have access to a curriculum characterized by unrivaled artistic quality and close contact with the professional world.

Students who pass the selection process may apply for a DSU regional scholarship. The application process is communicated into the announcement (download it here); to require the scholarship, please fill in the application available here.

Scholarships are awarded on an annual basis to students with an appropriate ISEE (Equivalent Financial Status Indicator) for university study and who have earned the required academic credits. The availability of scholarships is contingent on funding from Regione Lombardia.

The La Scala Academy may also issue scholarships covering all or a part of tuition to those passing the selection process and requesting one.

Merit loans and student loans.
The La Scala Academy has established conventions with credit institutes to provide other forms of financial aid covering tuition and/or lodging to all students in good academic standing.
For further information, please contact the Teaching Office:
Admission requisites
- Certification of dance studies (8 years of classical ballet);
- High school diploma or equivalent.
Admission process and program
Prospective students must pass a two-phase admission process.

Phase 1
Theory and practice test: intermediate level (years 3 through 5 of an eight-year program) group ballet lesson. Candidates should present themselves wearing appropriate dance attire and demi-pointe or teaching shoes. The program is described into the official announcement of the course.

Phase 2
Motivational interview.

There will be two admission sessions in 2023, both held online: March 28 or 29 and September 27 or 28.
Non-Italian students
Non-Italian students must apply for a residence permit on the website Universitaly.
The European Committee has approved the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education of the La Scala Academy.

Clic here to download the ECHE and the Erasmus Policy Statement.
Teaching staff
Benedetti Sara (
Bondì Francesco (
Colombini Amelia (
Cuturi Romeo (
De Bartolomeo Omar (
De Cordova Federica (
Duccoli Delia (
Fabbrucci Letizia (
Filistovich Inessa (
Lentini Vito (
Maniscotti Lucrezia (
Martinez Camacho Grettel (
Nikonov Leonid (
Nikonova Tatiana (
Olkhovaya Anna (
Pedroni Francesca (
Porcelluzzi Gerardo (
Rossitto Giulia (
Sarrote Sophie (
Sartorelli Fabio (
Scala Elisa (
Stroppa Antonella (
Tagliavia Emanuela (
Tambone Biagio (
Vismara Paola (
Teachings list, professors and programs
Student Services
- Library
- Orientamento
- Mensa
- Discounts

You must apply within:
March 13, 2023 for the first round of admission
September 11, 2023 for the second round of admission.

Register or login to the Academy application platform at
Your email and the password you choose will become your login credentials [username and password] that can be used again for subsequent visits. You will also be asked to read the privacy notice.

After registering, enter the information requested for the specific applicant following the step-by-step. You will asked to download, sign, and attach the Terms & Conditions “Condizioni di contratto per la partecipazione". This step is necessary to proceed with the application process.

  • your passport;
  • 1 passport-sized photo;
  • your full cv signed as described into the official announcement;
  • certificate of fitness to practice non-competitive sports;
  • high school diploma or equivalent;
  • diploma/certification from dance schools/institutes/centers or self-certification attesting to completion of eight years of ballet study.

You will be asked to pay the application fee of € 85 directly online via credit/debit card or credit transfer. The payment must be made online directly through the enrollment platform (do not close the page before paying).
A summary of entered data is generated at the end of the above steps: download it, sign it and upload it again where required. The application will then be completed and submitted to the Students'Office.