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The diploma program provides detailed training in a broad range of competencies, not only in-depth, practical knowledge of the La Scala Academy Ballet School teaching method, but also a solid background in dance instruction through complementary topics such as anatomy as applied to dance, child psychology and pedagogy, dance lesson planning, and music theory and practice.



The teaching staff is composed of instructors from the La Scala Academy Ballet School. After a long and brilliant career as performers, they are able to share experience of inestimable value with their students, transmitting knowledge of technique and interpretive sensitivity. They are flanked by preeminent experts in pedagogy, psychology, psychotherapy, medicine, physiotherapy, and history of music and dance, who will help students develop specific competencies applicable within a teaching context.



Students in the course are eligible to participate in Erasmus+, the European Commission’s program for education training, youth, and sport for the period 2014-2020. Incorporating and expanding the previous Lifelong Learning Programme, Erasmus+ facilitates access to and fosters synergies among various sectors by removing barriers between various types of projects while also promoting new forms of cooperation among businesses, organizations, educational institutions, local and regional authorities, and NGOs.



One of the key elements of the Ballet Instructors course is the student teaching program. Students will assist Ballet School instructors in lessons with pupils in years 1-6 of the Academy ballet program, allowing them to apply what they are learning on a daily basis in a real world context.

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RECAP 2021-24

Curricular units and teaching staff
Three years.
First year: from October 18, 2021 to June 22, 2022.
Exam sessions will take place in July and September.
Admission requisites
- 18 years old or older at start of course;
- High school diploma or equivalent.
Selection process
Candidates whose applications are accepted will be invited to undertake a selection process to be admitted to the course. The process consists of a theory and practice test on the basics of classical ballet. Those who pass the theory and practice test will be invited to an interview to assess their motivation, aptitude, and expectations.
The theory and practice test consists in an intermediate- level (years 3 through 5 of an eight-year program) group ballet lesson as follows:
Barre: 11 standard ballet exercises;
Floor: basic structure of simple compositions to different rhythms (waltz, polka, galop);
Leaps and en-pointe: knowledge of basic intermediate- level techniques;
Questions to test basic knowledge of the muscles necessary for specific movements;
Questions about music, mainly regarding rhythm;
Questions on the teacher-learner relationship at different age levels.

Candidates should present themselves wearing appropriate dance attire and demi-pointe or teaching shoes. Upon completion of the theory and practice test, the Selection Committee will announce the names of those chosen to continue on to the interview phase.

The final list of candidates admitted to the course will be published on this website (under "News") on or before September 30, 2021.
Scholarships and loan
Scholarships will be available for students deemed suitable for the selection who will apply for them (DSU scholarships), in according with the funds that the Lombardy Region will grant. The methods of applying for the scholarship will be specified in the specific call. The grants are awarded annually to students with certain income requirements with reference to the economic situation indicator for university services (ISEE) provided they are in compliance with the required CFA.
They will be assigned only following regular remittances by the Lombardy Region.

The Accademia Teatro alla Scala may also make available scholarships, in partial or total coverage of the participation fee, to students deemed suitable for the selection who apply for them.
There is also the possibility of accessing the loan called "Honor Loan" (at preferential conditions) provided by a banking institution. The relevant information can be requested from the Secretariat Didactics at the email address segreteria.trienniodanza @ "

Deadline to apply: September 22, 2021

How to apply

Click on the “Apply” button. You will be asked first to pay the application fee (85 €) completd with account details, then you will find into your “Restricted area” on this website, under “Application draft”, the application form.

You have to attach, in digital format:
  • your passport-sized photo;
  • your cv and passport;
  • your certification of studies;
  • your certification of dance studies;
  • your Italian codice fiscale (if in possession);
  • a medical certification for sport
  • signed “Terms and Conditions”, available and downloadable into the application form.
  • Please, read carefully the announcement and prepare in advance what you need to complete your application.

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