he Course for Opera Coach / Assistant Conductor, offered since 1994, trains musicians to perform the various functions needed to prepare an opera or ballet performance.


Multilateral preparation

The opera coach is a professional able to cover the role of room pianist, vocal coach, master stage collaborator, master suggestor, director of the stage band, pianist accompanist of the choir, piano accompanist for the dance.



Gli allievi sono costantemente chiamati a collaborare con tutte le attività del dipartimento musica, accanto ai cantanti solisti, al coro, all'orchestra, presso il Teatro alla Scala, l'Accademia e in tutti i luoghi ove sono previsti eventi della scuola scaligera. L'esperienza maturabile è pertanto vasta e diversificata.


Attività pratica

Il percorso didattico prevede lezioni in aula e un'intensa attività di stage, al fine di indagare ogni aspetto pratico del "mestiere" e acquisire totale autonomia.

Course details

Beatrice Benzi, Nelson Calzi, Enza Ferrari, Umberto Finazzi, Alberto Malazzi, Dante Mazzola, Pietro Mianiti, Bruno Nicoli, Vincenzo Scalera, Marcelo Spaccarotella, Paolo Spadaro, James Vaughan
I year, from 5th of November 2018 to 31st of October 2019; II year, from 2nd of November 2019 to 31st October 2020 (= 1400 total hours, divided into 500 hours of classroom lessons and practical exercises and 200 hours of internship for each year).
mandatory, from Monday to Friday, approximately from 10 to 18.30. During the internship period, the presence may also be required during the evening or at the weekend.
Prerequisites for admission
between 18 and 29 years old (Bachelor's degree in piano, obtained at a Conservatory of Music or a Similar Music Institute (or equivalent).
admission is subject to passing a selection test divided into a practical part and a motivational interview. For all the details, refer to the course brochure.
Accademia Teatro alla Scala | Teatro alla Scala | Associated Institutions.
here is a registration fee of € 85, to be paid by credit card, and a fee to be paid by SDD only.
Application deadline
30 September, 2018.
Application form not available at the moment