allieve degli stage estivi di danza classico accademica
Summer classes for beginners
Course in ballet instruction




The program provides training at the highest level under the guidance of internationally famous artists and professionals who share invaluable experience in technique and interpretive sensitivity gained during a long and brilliant stage career.



The original and comprehensive curriculum is addressed to those who intend to continue honing their talents in preparation for auditions with the world’s preeminent dance companies.



Master classes led by internationally acclaimed maîtres are another pillar in ensuring fully rounded preparation in both classical-academic ballet and contemporary dance.

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Recap 2024-25

Artistic director: Maurizio Vanadia

- Classical ballet and repertoire
(Maurizio Vanadia, Gilda Gelati, Marta Romagna, Alessandro Grillo, Biagio Tambone)
- Contemporary dance and workshops
(Matteo Levaggi, Davide Montagna, Rosita Mariani)
- Master classes and coaching
(Monique Loudières, étoile at Opéra de Paris
Cynthia Harvey, principal at American Ballet Theater and Royal Ballet
Pino Alosa, artistical co-director of the Compañía Nacional de Danza in Madrid
Piotr Nardelli, assistant repetiteur of Maurice Béjart
Alejandro Parente, principal at Teatro Colón in Buenos Aires
Davide Bombana, international director and choreographer
Claudia De Smet, assistant of Angelin Preljocaj
Shirley Esseboom, assistant of Jiří Kylián
Roberto Zamorano, maître de ballet and international assistant choreographer)
Length and attendance
The course will last from October 7, 2024 to May 31, 2025.
The attendance is compulsory, Monday to Friday afternoon and Saturday morning.
Admission requisites
- Aged 18 or older;
- at least eight years of classical-academic ballet study.
Selection process
Admission is contingent upon a favorable assessment by the Examining Committee of the applicant’s technical abilities.
The assessment will be based on a video produced by the applicant and an online motivational interview.

The video (12 minuts maximum) shall show the applicant executing:
- a brief dance sequence with the following floor steps: adagio, pirouettes, small jumps and grand allegro (women shall perform this en-pointe);
- a contemporary dance solo lasting a maximum of 2 minutes.

The video must clearly show the applicant but does not have to be of professional quality and it must be uploaded to the Office365 platform within September 1, 2024 at 11:59 pm (Italian time).
Video upload
To submit your video for selection, please follow the instructions here below: the Committee will not view videos sent in any other way or without details.

1) Clic here to access the upload platform (Office365)
2) Clic on select button “Seleziona file” and choose your video. The system will not allow you to change the name of the file, so we recommend that you prepare the video on your PC or phone already with a suitable name.
3) Once chosen your video, a new window will ask you to type the candidate’s name (“Nome”) and surname (“Cognome”). Then press the upload button “Carica”. The system will show you the uploading process and it will confirm the outcome at the end.

You must apply within September 1, 2024.

Register and/or login to the Academy enrollment platform at
Your email and the password you choose will become your login credentials [username and password] that can be used again for subsequent visits. You will also be asked to read the privacy notice.

After registering, enter the information requested for the specific applicant following the step-by-step. You will asked to download, sign, and attach the Terms & Conditions “Condizioni di contratto per la partecipazione". This step is necessary to proceed with the application process.

  • Passport;
  • a full cv;
  • certification or self declaration of studies (at least 8 years of classical-academic dance).

You will be asked to pay the application fee (100 €) directly online via credit/debit card or credit transfer. The payment must be made online directly through the enrollment platform (do not close the page before paying). A summary of entered data is generated at the end of the above steps.