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"The scholarship has represented for me not only an economic support but above all an encouragement to an artistic and professional development of the highest level. Aware of the importance of this kind of support, I would like this opportunity to be given to an increasing number of people in the future and I also hope to be able to contribute personally to make this happen. "



Every year, young people between the ages of 6 and 35 - from all over the world - choose the Scala School to excel in the artistic, technical and managerial fields. Admission to courses is based on the talent, commitment and strong motivation of each of them.

To ensure that no student is denied training for reasons of economic necessity, the Academy has in recent years implemented a support policy based on both merit and the financial conditions of families.
Scholarships, tuition fees exemptions and honor loans, along with other forms of subsidies, allow students to undertake a course of study characterized by undisputed artistic quality and close contact with the world of work.

Annually, more than 160 students benefit of the concessions offered by the Academy, for a total amount of over € 600,000 , thanks also to the contribution of patrons and partners who support the School since its formation.

Scholarship. Economic support of merit for the study provided on a competitive basis based on income and / or merit requirements, and subject to application procedures defined annually by specific calls.

Exemption. Total or partial facilitation on the payment of the tuition fee subject to an assessment of the applicant's financial situation. Support reserved for students of the course for professional dancers and the three-year diploma for dance teachers.

Loan. In collaboration with some credit institutions, the students of the Teatro alla Scala Academy can count on other forms of financial support to finance the course of their studies, from the payment of the tuition fee to the accommodation costs, provided they are in compliance with the chosen course of study.

"Without the scholarship, moving to Milan and studying at the La Scala Academy would not have been possible. I was really happy and satisfied to have this support, because in this way my dream could come true. "



Euros disbursed in scholarships





For further informations, please contact the following Students' Offices:

  • (for professional dancers);
  • (for ballet instructors)
  • (for other courses)