Workshop in production management
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Executive Master’s in sponsoring and fundraising for the arts




The course is led by Teatro alla Scala stage managers and other professionals and complemented with a broad review of theatre and the international context.



Hands-on experience is a fundamental element in the curriculum: lessons in theory are complemented by practical exercises in the classroom, rehearsal room, and on stage.



The course includes a final exam, which involves the preparation and rehearsal of a management plan for an opera or ballet.



The 300-hour internship at Teatro alla Scala or other prestigious Italian institutes is a key element of the course.  

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Recap 2022-23

Teaching units and staff
- Teamwork and Career Building (Academy experts);
- Introduction to Production (Andrea Valioni, Teatro alla Scala Director of Production Organization, with the support of the Artistic Direction, Stage Direction, Stage Management, and Production Organization Departments of Teatro alla Scala);
- Stage Management Theory and Technique for opera, ballet, and symphonic concerts (Luca Bonini, Davide Armati Battistelli, Andrea Boi Teatro alla Scala Stage Management Department);
- Stage Management Theory and Technique for Opera and Ballet (Angelo Ferro, Stage Manager in collaboration with the Picccolo Teatro di Milano – Teatro d’Europa);
- Elements of Music History and Opera and Ballet Repertory (Paolo Piazza, Teatro alla Scala Assistant Stage Manager);
- History of Ballet (Fabio Sartorelli, Musicologist (Vito Lentini, Dance and Ballet Critic);
- Elements of Stagecraft for Stage Management (Ruggero Bellini, Teatro alla Scala Stage Engineering Department);
- Elements of Scenography and Costumes for Stage Management (Alfredo Corno, Architect);
- Interpersonal and Organizational Skills (Rita Cannata, Senior HR Consultant);
- Workplace Safety (Marco Morelli, Mario Pan, Michela Songini, Teatro alla Scala Technical Office and Sergio Antonio Tasca, Health and Safety Consultant and Safety Trainer );
- International Focus

This list may be subject to change.
Eleven months, November 2022 – December 2023
Admission requirements
- 18–35 years old;
- Three-year university degree, equivalent performing arts studies, and/or at least two years of experience in the performing arts; - Fluency in Italian.
Selection process
Applicants must pass a two-part selection process to be admitted to the course. The applicant must pass the first part to be admitted to the second one:
- a written test with multiple-choice questions regarding music history, opera, ballet, and symphonic repertory, theatre terminology;
- personal interview focusing on the applicant’s general competencies, motivations, and expectations.
Scholarships and student loan are available to cover all or part of course fees for eligible students who request one. Plese write to for further details.

You must apply within:
April 12, 2022 for the first round of selections
September 27, 2022 for the second round.

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