Summer masterclass for opera coaches




The course is free of charge.



The teaching staff is composed of artists and professionals of the highest profile.



During the course, Teatro alla Scala invites students to attend opera rehearsals and performances and gradually involves them directly in stage roles of increasing complexity in operas on the regular season program.



While the course already provides numerous occasions for visibility, specific auditions with agents, orchestra conductors, and artistic directors of major theatres are organized during the two academic years to allow students to further showcase their talents.



The teaching coordinator and the tutor, key figures at the La Scala Academy, provide constant, individualized support to each student to optimize the learning experience.

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Details 2023-25

Curricular units and teaching staff
- Vocal and interpretive technique (Luciana D’Intino - head instructor)
- Master Class (Barbara Frittoli, Gregory Kunde, Michele Pertusi, Pietro Spagnoli)
- Role study (Beatrice Benzi, Nelson Guido Calzi, Margherita Colombo, Michele D’Elia, Federica Falasconi, Umberto Finazzi, Jeong Un Kim, Paolo Spadaro Munitto, Vincenzo Scalera, James Vaughan)
- Stage arts (Marina Bianchi)
- Movement (Emanuela Tagliavia)
- Italian for foreigners (Alessia Benenti)
- French diction (Francine Garino)
- German diction (Reinhard Nill)
- Self-entrepreneurship (Performing arts professionals)

Specialized seminars on vocal chamber music, the lied repertoire, and the Baroque repertoire will be conducted during the two-year program. Thanks to a joint project with the Palazetto Bru Zane – Centre de musique romantique française, Opera Academy students will have the chance to deepen their knowledge of the French romantic repertoire.

This list may be subject to change.
Length and attendance
The course will last from October 1, 2023 to September 30, 2025.
Attendance is full-time and mandatory and thus not compatible with other work or study commitments. The Academy may grant students a leave of absence for artistic purposes for a maximum of 30 days per year if such leave is compatible with the Academy’s own artistic program and is deemed to be of sufficient quality to be warranted. Such leave is granted exclusively at the Academy’s discretion; it is not a student’s right.
Admission requisites
- Age of at least eighteen and born after January 1, 1993;
- academic diploma in voice from a music conservatory or officially recognized institute of music. If studies were undertaken at a private school of music of with a private teacher, the director of the school or the teacher must issue, under his/her own responsibility, a statement attesting to the student’s qualifications.
The course is free of charge.
Each student admitted to the La Scala Opera Academy will receive a monthly stipend of 900 euros, contingent upon effective attendance and limited to the months during which the course is offered.
The stipend is made possible thanks to contributions from a large group of patrons, including foundations, associations, businesses, individuals, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, which offers up to ten scholarships to foreign students as part of initiatives to promote cultural exchange, internationalization, Italian culture, and higher education.
Admission process
As part of the application process, candidates must submit a video of themselves performing two opera arias (see Application Process, Point 3 – Attachments, below).

The selection process for those whose videos are accepted will take place July 12–17, 2023 and consist of three steps: elimination round, semifinal round, final round. Please note that these dates may be subject to change.

Candidates must prepare six pieces taken from operas (including the two pieces performed in the pre-selection video; pieces from operettas, zarzuelas, or oratorios will not be accepted)—four in Italian and two in another language— and two pieces from the chamber music and/or sacred music repertoires. The complete list of eight pieces must be submitted during the application process.

The Examining Committee may opt to listen to all or only some of the required pieces and to limit the audition to a part of the proposed program.
The candidate must provide sheet music for the audition to be performed on piano by a piano accompanist provided by the La Scala Academy.
The candidate may not bring their own piano accompanist.

See the announcement for further details.

You must apply within
May 19, 2023

Register or login to YAP Tracker.

Once logged-in, enter the informations requested at the page

  • two recent digital photographs: one head and shoulders, the other full figure;
  • your full cv, completed and signed as described into the announcement;
  • scanned copy of music and voice study certificates (see the announcement);
  • scanned copy of identity document (national ID or passport);
  • two links to video recordings of the candidate performing two opera arias (at least one must be in Italian; pieces from operettas, zarzuelas, or oratorios are not accepted) by different composers (see the announcement).

You may also attach (but they aren't mandatory) scanned copy of document certifying placement in the top three positions in national or international solo voice competitions and letters of reference from qualified music experts.

You will be asked to pay the application fee of 85 € directly online.


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