The course is free of charge.



The teaching staff is composed of artists and professionals of the highest profile.



During the course, Teatro alla Scala invites students to attend opera rehearsals and performances and gradually involves them directly in stage roles of increasing complexity in operas on the regular season program.



While the course already provides numerous occasions for visibility, specific auditions with agents, orchestra conductors, and artistic directors of major theatres are organized during the two academic years to allow students to further showcase their talents.



The teaching coordinator and the tutor, key figures at the La Scala Academy, provide constant, individualized support to each student to optimize the learning experience.

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Details 2021-23

Curricular units and teaching staff
- Vocal and interpretive technique (Luciana D’Intino - head instructor)
- Master Class (Gregory Kunde; the list of master classes held during the 2021-2023 biennium will be published here by April 30, 2021)
- Role study (Beatrice Benzi, Nelson Guido Calzi, Michele D’Elia, Federica Falasconi, Umberto Finazzi, Jeong Un Kim, Paolo Spadaro Munitto, Vincenzo Scalera, Ulisse Trabacchin, Paolo Troian, James Vaughan)
- Stage arts (Marina Bianchi)
- Movement (Emanuela Tagliavia)
- Italian as a second language (Alessia Benenti)
- French diction (Francine Garino)
- German diction (Reinhard Nill)

Specific seminars on vocal chamber music, lied repertoire, and the Baroque repertoire will be held during the biennium.
This list may be subject to change.
24 months, from October 4, 2021 to September 30, 2023.
Admission requisites
- Legal aged;
- born on or after January 1, 1991;
- diploma in voice from a music conservatory or officially recognized institute of music. If the candidate studied at a private school of music or with a private instructor, the director of the school of music or the private instructor must issue a statement attesting to the candidate’s suitability to attend the course.
Audition process
The audition process in Milan will be structured as follows:
preliminary round, semifinal round, final round.

Candidates will present six operatic pieces taken from the list of pieces presented with the application, (including the two pieces performed in the videos), of which four must be in Italian and two in another language (as stated above, music from operettas or oratorios will not be accepted). They will also perform two pieces from the chamber and/or sacred music repertoire. All pieces must be sung in their original language.
In the preliminary round, the candidate will sing two opera pieces by heart. One of them will be chosen by the candidate and the other will be chosen by the Examining Committee on the basis of the list of pieces presented by the candidate. The Examining Committee reserves the right to limit the audition to one piece.
In the semifinal round, the candidate will perform a piece of chamber or sacred music and a piece of opera music by heart. Both pieces will be chosen by the Examining Committee. Those passing this first phase will be asked to sight-read a score of medium difficulty, demonstrate their stage presence, and sit for a motivational interview.
In the final round, the candidate will perform two opera pieces chosen by the Examining Committee.

The Examining Committee may opt to listen to all or a part of the required pieces and to limit the audition to a part of the program.

Applications will be accepted between January 12 and May 12, 2021

How to apply

Register (free of charge) on the webpage https://www.yaptracker. com/register-applicant
Submit the application using the tool on www.yaptracker.com (https://www.yaptracker.com/applications/teatro-alla-scalaacademy- 2021).
Have the following documents ready to be uploaded in digital format (PDF, JPEG) with your application:
  • Candidate’s identity document (identity card or passport);
  • Certification of musical and voice study as specified above under “PARTICIPANT PROFILE";
  • Links to two (2) videos of the candidate performing two opera arias by different composers (music from operettas or oratorios is not admissible). At least one must be in Italian.
  • the videos must be of amateur quality and unedited: the critical factors are clarity of sound and visibility of the candidate;
  • a detailed CV;
  • two recent photos: half figure and full figure;
  • certificates of a first-, second-, or third-place finish in nationally or internationally recognized solo voice competitions (optional);
  • letters of recommendation from eminent representatives of the music world (optional).<(li>

    Read carefully the official brochure before starting and feel free to contact us!

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    Patrizia and Luigi Staffico, Techbau S.p.A., Liliana Gallo Montarsolo in memory of Paolo Montarsolo, Lions Club Milano Casa della Lirica, Rotary Club Milano Scala, Rotary Club Milano Villoresi