Course for wig makers




Every lesson involves a practical demonstration by the instructors, who will then assist students as they learn via hands-on exercises under the direct care of consummate experts.



Students are asked not only to reproduce what the teacher has shown, but also to perform tricks and effects on the theme, freeing creativity.



The skills acquired are applied in all areas of the show - opera theater, ballet, prose, cinema, television - as in photography, fashion and events sector.



The course staff is constantly present alongside the students to follow them in the classroom activity and to guide them in the world of work.



At the students' disposal there are materials and products of the highest professional level.

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RECAP 2021-22

Curricular units and teaching staff
- Special effects techniques (Roberto Mestroni and industry professionals)
- Make-up techniques (Industry professionals)
- History of costumes (Luca Morando)
- Introduction to musical theatre (Andrea Massimo Grassi)
- History of special effects (Industry professionals)
- Cosmetology (Elisabetta Casale)
- Interpersonal relations (Rita Cannata)
- Self-entrepreneurship (Rita Cannata)
- Team building (Marta Aiello)
- Career orientation (Marta Aiello)
- Contract law (Gianfranco Daniele)
- Workplace safety (Sergio Tasca)
- Introduction to portfolio photography (Laura Ferrari)
- Guided practical exercises (Cristina Davite)
- Technical English (Industry professionals)
- Self-guided practical exercises

This list may be subject to change.
Eleven months, from November 22, 2021 to October 21, 2022.
Admission requisites
- between 18 and 29 years old as of February 26, 2021;
- Secondary-school diploma or three-year professional qualification.
Selection process
Applicants must pass a three-step selection process to be admitted to the course:
- two written tests, one motivational, the other assessing basic knowledge of special makeup effects;
- a practical test of ability to work with special make-up, using latex prostheses provided by the Academy;
- personal interview focusing on the applicant’s motivations, aptitudes, and expectations.
Scholarships and loan
Scholarships are available to cover all or part of course fees for eligible students who request one. Students whose ISEE (Equivalent Financial Status Indicator) is 20,000 euros or less are eligible to apply for a scholarship. Low-interest student loans are also available.
Instructions for applying for scholarships or student loans will be provided in a specific announcement.

Deadline to apply: September 30, 2021

How to apply

Click on the “Apply” button. You will be asked first to pay the application fee (85 €) completd with account details, then you will find into your “Restricted area” on this website, under “Application draft”, the application form.

You have to attach, in digital format:
  • your passport-sized photo;
  • your cv;
  • your passport;
  • your secondary school diploma or other educational certificate;
  • signed “Terms and Conditions”, available and downloadable into the application form.
  • Please, read carefully the announcement and prepare in advance what you need to complete your application.

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