Diploma for ballet instructors

Secular Tradition

The school has surpassed the milestone of two hundred years of activity and has seen the succession of prestigious masters and famous dancers such as Carlo Blasis, Olga Preobrajenska, Enrico Cecchetti, Cia Fornaroli, Ettorina Mazzucchelli, Esmée Bulnes, Elide Bonagiunta, John Field, Anna Maria Prina. Countless former students who have embarked on a career full of successes, from Carla Fracci to Liliana Cosi, from Luciana Savignano to Oriella Dorella, from Paola Cantalupo to Marco Pierin to Gilda Gelati, to the stars of today Roberto Bolle, Massimo Murru, Sara Renda , Sabrina Brazzo, Alessio Carbone, Gabriele Corrado, Mara Galeazzi, Vito Mazzeo, Marta Romagna, Nicoletta Manni, Rebecca Bianchi, and young promises Angelo Greco, Jacopo Tissi, Virna Toppi.


Dual Diploma

Today, the school allows dancers to get a dual diploma in classical-academic and modern-contemporary ballet. The School prepares dancers of a very high professional level, able to fit in the most popular companies in Italy and abroad, first of all the La Scala Corps de Ballet. After the junior high school, from 2017 the students can attend a high school, which offers a superior experimental route specially designed for them.



The intensification, in recent years, of meetings and seminars with internationally renowned choreographers and dancers has further enriched the already profound and rigorous preparation. Moreover, the granting of choreography to the school of the contemporary repertoire of artists such as George Balanchine, Mats Ek, Jiří Kylian, to name a few, interpreted in major Italian and European theaters, has further expanded the knowledge of the repertoire of the students.

Recap courses 2020-21

Teaching staff
Frédéric Olivieri - Supervisor
Maurizio Vanadia - Artistic director
- Loreta Alexandrescu
- Tatiana Nikonova
- Giulia Rossitto
- Elisa Scala
- Paola Vismara
- Vera Karpenko
- Jean Philippe Halnaut
- Leonid Nikonov
- Emanuela Tagliavia
- Antonella Stroppa
- Romeo Cuturi
- Francesca Pedroni
- Andrea Massimo Grassi
- Barbara Biondi
- Massimo Ciarella
- Svetlana Chernova
- Gianna Eremeeva
- Eliana Grasso
- Marco Paderni
- Irene Pavinato
- ArtanTushi
- Omar De Bartolomeo (Medico Chirurgo, Specialista in Ortopedia e Traumatologia PhD in Scienze Morfologiche)
- Sara Benedetti (Dr. in Physiotherapy)
- Romeo Cuturi (Dr. in Physiotherapy and Dr. in Sports and Dr.jn Motor Science and Sports)
The complete path of the Ballet School lasts 8 years, each one from September to June. An exam is given at the end of each year. If admitted, all pupils are admitted for one academic year only and must reapply for following years.
Mandatory, from Monday to Friday for courses from 1 to 5 and from Monday to Saturday for subsequent courses. For courses 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade the frequency is during afternoon; for courses from the 4th to the 7th, the frequency is approximately from 9 to 15.30. Any absences must be justified and not exceed 25% of the scheduled hours. If contrary there might be applied penalty, exclusion from the course, unless motivated by the College Teachers and the Directorate of the Academy.
Prerequisites for admission
Candidates attending the fifth grade of elementary school in the 2019/2020 school year can register for the 1st admission exam.
Candidates who have the preparation to allow them to be admitted to the course corresponding to their age, in relation to the secondary school class attended can enroll in the admission exam for courses from the 2nd to the 7th.
Candidates for the 7th course must not have completed eighteen years of age on the date of Friday, 31st August 2020.
To be admitted to the Ballet School it is necessary to support one proof of selection articulated in different moments. For the candidates for the 1st course, a physical-aptitude exam that involves the execution of simple exercises with the help of the school's lecturers, in which the talents and aptitudes of the individual candidate are assessed. It is not necessary to have studied ballet because the program starts from technical fundamentals.
For the candidates from the 2nd to 7th courses, a physical-technical examination aptitude that includes:
- partial or total execution, at the discretion of the Examining committee, of a dance lesson classical-academic related to the program of the course corresponding to the candidate's age;
- the execution of any technical legacies contemporary (only for candidates for admission to 6th and 7th courses).
- After the first exam, all candidates must therefore undergo an orthopedic and cardiological medical examination, handing over the document to the Medical Commission "Data summary transmitted" generated online in phase of registration to the selections, printed and signed in original by both parents and any medical documentation prior that it can be useful for the selection.
- Foreign candidates must present the aforementioned medical documentation translated into Italian or English. Further details may be requested during the medical examination diagnostics.
- Candidates from 1st to 3rd courses, after the first two exams, will enter the trial period, with compulsory attendance, from Monday to Saturday. The frequency is predominantly afternoon from Monday to Friday and morning on Saturday.
Ballet School of the Accademia Teatro alla Scala - Milan
Accademia Teatro alla Scala - Milan.
A registration fee to the selection of € 100, to be paide with credit/debit card or online bank transfer is required at the beginning of the enrolling process.
It's also required a fee of 200 € to cover the "trial perid" and attendance fees, these ones to be paid with a Bank SDD (SEPA Direct Debit) . Please, read carefully the official Announcement for all the details about fees and tuitions, as for scolarships and exemptions available for admitted pupils.
Frequent Questions
How to apply to the selections
To apply, please click on the button below between January 15, 2020 and April 19, 2020.

The application process runs in two steps:
online, directly from the Accademia website, with credit / debit card or online bank transfer. You will be asked to enter your billing information (of an adult!) and create a username and password to activate a restricted area on the same site.

if the payment is successful, you will be guided to the restricted area of ​​the Accademia website, where under "Applications (drafts)" you will find the application form to be completed within 72 hours with privacy consent, personal details of the student (and parents, if minor), contact details and attachments.

A digital photo will be requested in digital format.
The system will guide you through the compilation step by step and will send you reminder emails at the end of each step.

Payment of the registration fee is not a complete application! Remember to complete the application within 72 hours from yur payment, or you will have to provide a second purchase.

Remember also that, if you will call for the medical exam, you HAVE TO deliver to the Medical Committee the original "Recap of transmitted data" signed by both the parents/legal guardian.
Application for 2020/21 is now closed, but you can always contact us for more informations!