Course for wig makers




The students experiment the sartorial techniques analyzed on a theoretical basis in the laboratory, acquiring even broader and more complex skills.



No other institution in Italy offers comparable courses. You will have the exclusive opportunity to study on the stage and behind the scenes of Teatro alla Scala: a one-of-a-kind, once-in-a-lifetime experience!



A course that teaches a craft of the highest craftsmanship, with total attention to every detail.



The course staff is constantly present alongside the students, to follow them in the classroom activity and to guide them in the world of work.



The individual internships are hosted by world-class costume shops and fashion houses, from Teatro alla Scala, the Metropolitan Opera of New York, or the Paris Opera to Valentino or Dolce & Gabbana.



The skills acquired are applicable not only across the performing arts—from opera and ballet to plays, cinema, and television—but also in fashion and the events sector.

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RECAP 2022-23

Curricular units and teaching staff
- Costume-making techniques (Pasqualina Inserra and professional costume makers)
- Male costume-making techniques (Filippo Guggia, Antonello Voghera)
- Hat-making techniques (Gemma Vernò)
- Textiles (Luca Morando)
- Workplace safety (Sergio Antonio Tasca)
- Introduction to performance organization (Rita Citterio, Patrizia D’Anzuoni)
- Stage tailoring techniques (Professional stage tailors)
- Costume development techniques (Cristiana Malberti, Eleonora Rossi)
- History of theatre costumes (Maria Chiara Donato)
-History of ballet (Francesca Pedroni)
- Introduction to musical theatre (Andrea Massimo Grassi)
- Music appreciation (Fabio Sartorelli)
- English
- Contract law (Piergiuseppe Sciotti)
- Self-entrepreneurship (Gianfranco Daniele)
- Career orientation (Sarah Dominique Orlandi and La Scala Academy staff)
- Organizational conduct (Rita Cannata)
- Teambuilding in training courses (Valeria Miglio)

This list may be subject to change.
Fourteen months, from October 27, 2022 to December 22, 2023.
Admission requisites
- between 18 and 29 years old;
- Secondary-school diploma or three-year professional qualification.
Selection process
Applicants must pass a three-phase selection process to be admitted to the course:
- a written test, one motivational, the other assessing aptitude;
- a practical exam to assess basic knowledge of theatre costume-making;
- personal interview focusing on the applicant’s motivations, aptitudes, and expectations.

There are two round of selections.Those who enroll in and pass the first session will be eligible for a tuition discount. Those who do not pass the first session will have the option of enrolling in the second session but will lose the right to a tuition discount.
Scholarships and loan
Scholarships and student loan are available to cover all or part of course fees for eligible students who request one. Plese write to for further details.

You must apply within:
April 30, 2022 for the first round of selections
September 20, 2022 for the second round.

Register to the Academy enrollment platform at
Your email and the password you choose will become your login credentials [username and password] that can be used again for subsequent visits. You will also be asked to read the privacy notice.

After registering, enter the information requested for the specific applicant following the step-by-step. You will asked to download, sign, and attach the Terms & Conditions “Condizioni di contratto per la partecipazione". This step is necessary to proceed with the application process.

  • 1 passport-sized photo;
  • your full cv;
  • your passport;
  • certification of studies.

You will be asked to pay the application fee directly online via credit/debit card or credit transfer. The payment must be made online directly through the enrollment platform (do not close the page before paying).A summary of entered data is generated at the end of the above steps.