How long is the course and how the lessons are held?
The two-year program is currently scheduled from October 1, 2018 to September 30, 2020 with a summer break in 2019. The classes are normally held from Monday to Friday. The course is full time and attendance is mandatory: it is thus incompatible with other academic or professional commitments. Any student missing 25% or more of lessons shall be removed from the course.
Concerts with orchestra or piano accompaniment, festivals of chamber music in the Ridotto dei Palchi, and tours in Italy and abroad are planned during the period of the course. Additionally, students will participate in the Academy Project, an opera produced by students and included on the La Scala season program. The Office of the Artistic Director of Teatro alla Scala will also assess the option of offering performer or stand-in contracts to students for the 2018-2019 and 2019-2020 seasons.


I am born before January, 1st 1988. Can I apply?
No. The age limit is a prerequisite.


Am I eligible even if I have not a diploma in voice?
Yes, the candidate who has studied at a private school of music or with a private teacher is eigible as well. The director of the school or the private teacher must issue a statement, under their own responsibility, attesting to the student’s capabilities.
Please, note: if the exam date of graduation is rather later than the date of the hearings, the candidate must enclose a certification of the Conservatory with the date of graduation.


There are other ways to submit the application for admission?
The application may only be submitted by means of the special online form on Yap Tracker. The website requires a FREE registration for the purpose (


What are the costs involved to apply?
To complete the application is required a payment to the Academy of 85.00 euro, only to be done by credit card via the Yap Tracker platform.


Can you describe the videos that I have to include with my application?
The videos must not be professional quality and must not be edited: we explicitly request amateur videos, the only requirements are that the videos have good sound quality and provide a clear view of the candidate.
In the videos, the candidate must interpret two arias from operas by different composers. At least one of the arias must be in Italian.
Both of the arias that you perform in the videos will be part of the program you will perform at the auditions.


Where can I find instructions on the technical aspects?
Yap Tracker has a detailed “Support” section ( with simple instructions for frequently asked questions, such as how to reduce the size of an image or how to create a YouTube channel.


What program must I prepare for the auditions?
The candidate must present 6 operatic arias, of which 4 must be in Italian and 2 in another language, and 2 pieces of chamber music and/or sacred music. Operettas are not acceptable.
Important: the two arias performed in the videos submitted with the application must be part of the audition program.


Can I edit the playlist once sent the application form?
Yes, no later than March, 6th 2018 the program can be modified (, provided that the arias chosen for the videos remain on the list.


What happens during the examination?
The competition is divided into three steps that will take place in Milan at one of the seats of La Scala. All pieces must be sung in their original language.

  1. Elimination round: the candidate must perform two opera arias by heart, one of which will be chosen by the Jury on the basis of the program presented by the candidate while the other may be freely chosen by the candidate. The Jury reserves the right to limit the audition to a single piece.
  2. Semifinal round: the candidate must perform by heart a piece of chamber music or sacred music and an opera aria, both of which shall be chosen by the Jury. The candidate will also be asked to sight-read a score of medium difficulty, to demonstrate his/her stage abilities and to take part in a motivational interview.
  3. Final round: the candidate shall perform two opera arias, selected by the Jury.


How should I dress for the auditions?
Candidates should dress comfortably in sober clothing for the Elimination Round and Semifinal Round. Candidates should dress in formal attire for the Final Round.


How much is the course?
The attendance is free of charge, full-time and mandatory. A monthly scholarship is provided for each candidate admitted to the Academy of €860.00 (eight hundred sixty euros) gross for each month that the student effectively attends the course.