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23 April 2014

his course provides professional training for scenographers tasked with creating and building stage sets based on designs and/or instructions from the director. The two-year course provides both theory and practice in the principal techniques for producing stage sets and costumes: painting, sculpture, thermoforming, tool development, costumes, techniques of coloring and decorating.

The artistic coordinator is Franco Malgrande, Stage Engineer at Teatro alla Scala.


Learn by doing

The course for scenographers is an ideal bridge from the designs and sketches of the academic environment to the practices of the profession itself, translating the instructions and drawings on paper into physical reality in two or three dimensions. The students work as members of the Teatro alla Scala stage teams and thus get direct hands-on training in everything they have studied on paper.


he Teatro alla Scala professionals ensure that this course is conducted at the highest possible level, working with students on nearly a one-on-one basis. This means that students will contribute to the creation of stage sets that will actually be used in Teatro alla Scala productions. The course provides direct contact and exchange with some of the top national and international experts in the field (directors, visualizers, figure drawers).

Design for the theatre

Particular emphasis is placed on the applications of design to the theatre. The course will thus include a group project in the creation of stage sets and costumes with performing arts institutions.


Painting, sculpture, thermoforming, tool development, costumes, techniques of coloring and decorating: scenographers are versatile professionals who are adept at every aspect of stage set development with mastery in the various traditional techniques and materials and the ability to use the new IT technologies, including 3D modeling and virtual reality.


Participation in production of Accademia events is a fundamental part of the course. Students will be involved in producing Ballet School performances and in stage production for voice soloists. They will also be called upon each year to contribute to the design and production of an additional new show.

Recap 2017/2019

Main teaching Staff
Venanzio Alberti, Enrico Calza, Stefania Cavallin, Flavio Erbetta, Emanuela Finardi, Clara Sarti.
from October 2017 to July 2018 and from September 2018 to July 2019 (=2000 h, among theory, practice and interniship).
compulsory, from Monday to Friday, 8 hours per day.
Prerequisites for admission
born on or after 1 January 1989 + diploma in arts. It is also essential to have good skills in the design of sets and costumes, as a good knowledge of painting techniques and processing techniques of props and costumes, good knowledge of sculpting techniques and specific interest in the performing arts world.
Accademia Teatro alla Scala | Teatro alla Scala | Laboratori “Ansaldo” del Teatro alla Scala | Istituzioni convenzionate.
the admission into the course is subject to passing a test in 3 steps, held at the Accademia Teatro alla Scala (Milan) approssimatively between September 4-8 2017. Prospective students must pass all steps in the selection process. Please see Point 5 of the admissions announcement for further details.
Registration Fee of €85, to be paid with a bank transfer or with credit card, and attendance fee to be paid only with a Bank SDD (SEPA Direct Debit) in installments.
Application for scolarship may be presented just after the selection process, by the candidate admitted onto the course. The printed scholarship application form will be available later, with a specific announcement.
Application deadline
July, 17th 2017.
Currently applications are closed