Accademia Teatro alla Scala has always been engaged in providing orientation information to schools of all levels in order to introduce students to the entertainment professions. To this end, it has implemented numerous projects benefiting from the support of local institutions such as the Region of Lombardy and the Province of Milan, with the objective of providing students with a series of orientation services and initiatives.


Particular emphasis is placed on the encounters regularly scheduled in high schools, where students have the opportunity to become acquainted with the many professions associated music, stage and theatre so that they may later explore their areas of interest in greater depth in orientation courses, seminars with professionals working in the field, interactive lessons and guided tours.
Participation in specialized fairs constitutes a further opportunity to provide information and orientation. Over 20,000 people have been contacted this way in recent years.


Lastly, the Accademia organizes a series of “open days” each year to allow a broad range of people to learn about the full range of educational opportunities offered by the Accademia.


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