Course in stage management
allievi della scuola di ballo all'applauso finale - courtney calls
Workshop in dance management




The program, which boasts the collaboration of the Marketing and Fundraising Department of Teatro alla Scala and MIP Politecnico di Milano and the participation of the Peggy Guggenheim Collection of Venice, is taught by experts associated with preeminent Italian and foreign theatres and museums. The master’s program is unique for the many guest speakers from corporations, philanthropic organizations, foundations, and banks.



Learning by doing is a pillar of the Academy method. Most units complement classroom lessons with practical exercises involving real-world situations and concrete challenges.



Participants will have the opportunity to meet, interact, and exchange ideas with professionals and stakeholders from all over the world and meet potential partners within the La Scala Academy network.



The master’s program includes a final project done by the student under the guidance of experienced tutors and a final examination.

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Recap 2021/22

- The Italian cultural system: institutional framework, strategic dynamics, and economic impact
- Introduction to sponsoring and fundraising for art and culture in Italy
- Foundations of marketing for sponsorships and fundraising
- The sponsorship market and the value of art for businesses
- Donor foundations, the Italian and international markets for funding for the arts
- Sponsor-sponsee relations. Analysis of expectations, perspectives, and objectives of each party from negotiations to the contract
- Strategies and instruments for private donors
- Digital communication and promotion in cultural institutions
- Sponsoring and contract law
- Grow and manage a culture of fundraising and entrepreneurship
- Tax law and sponsorships Bequests
- Performance management instruments for art and culture Impact assessment
- Private support for art and culture in the United States

This list may be subject to change.
Five months, from the end of January to the beginning of July 2022.
Admission requisites
Legal age: professionals, consultants, and entrepreneurs in the cultural sector or third sector generally.
Italian with some units and guest speakers in English.

Deadline for application: January 11, 2022.