Admission to the Advanced course in classical and contemporary dance is subject to a video selection. The video contents (maximum 12 minuts) are described into the official announcement of the course.

To submit your video to the Students’Office, please follow the instructions here below: the Committee will not view videos sent in any other way or without details.

  1. Clic here to access the upload platform (Office365)
  2. Clic on select button “Seleziona file” and choose your video. The system will not allow you to change the name of the file, so we recommend that you prepare the video on your PC or phone already with a suitable name.
  3. Once chosen your video, a new window will ask you to type the candidate’s name (“Nome”) and surname (“Cognome”). Then press the upload button “Carica”.
  4. The system will show you the uploading process and it will confirmthe outcome at the end.


You can download here the instructions in pdf.