1. I was born a few days before January 1, 1991. Can I still apply? No. Age is a strict requisite and no exceptions can be made to the criteria stated in the Admissions Announcement.
  2. I will receive my diploma the day after the application deadline. Can I apply anyway? Yes, but with caution: you must be in possession of a valid diploma on the day of the selection process (old five-year diploma/new three-year diploma or equivalent foreign certificate). You must submit a copy of your diploma to the Academy on the day of your audition. No exceptions are made. Otherwise you will not meet admissions requisites and will not be admitted to the selection process, meaning that you will be excluded from the program.
  3. I will receive my diploma during the extraordinary session in February 2018: can I apply? No. As stated at Point 2, you must be in possession of a diploma on the day of your audition. No exceptions are made.
  4. I was a member of the Academy orchestra during the most recent biennium: can I apply? Yes, provided that you have not participated in any other biennia or orchestra programs at the Academy.
  5. Are special instruments obligatory (bass clarinet, English horn, bass trombone)? No. During the online application process you may choose to study a single instrument or to combine it with a special instrument (for example, you may choose between clarinet or       clarinet + bass clarinet).




  1. How much does the course cost? The course is free. Attendance is mandatory. There is no tuition to pay. The only charge is the application fee of €85.00 (eighty-five euros).
  2. Do participants receive a stipend? Yes, starting from the second semester of the program and keyed to actual orchestra activity.
  3. What is the process for obtaining a stipend? All students are entitled to a stipend, keyed to their effective attendance and to the orchestra activities.
  4. Will I receive a stipend during months when the orchestra is inactive? No.
  5. How long do lessons or productions last? Generally speaking, ten consecutive days.




  1. What do I have to play as the chosen piece? You can play any original piece for solo instrument (no transcriptions).
  2. Are the dates for the auditions already set? Not yet. They will depend on the commitments of the First Chairs in the Teatro alla Scala Orchestra. The website will provide updates in real time. At this point the tentative start date is October 16, 2017.
  3. How long does the selection process take? One day. Candidates passing the first assessment (obligatory audition piece, solo instrument piece chosen by the candidate, and the obligatory orchestra passages) will be invited to continue with the interview.





  1. Can I submit the online application but wait to pay the application fee until after the audition dates are published? No. You must include receipt for payment of the application fee with the application.
  2. Is it possible to fill out a hard-copy application form directly at the Academy offices instead of using the online form or pay the application fee directly at the Academy office? No. The online application form is the only means for applying to the selection process. You will find the form by clicking on the “Apply Now” button at the bottom of the page dedicated to the orchestra musicians course. The application fee must be paid in advance – via credit transfer or by credit card – so that you can include the payment receipt with your application. All payment instructions are found on the application form, which you will find by clicking on the “Apply Now” button.
  3. I am not able to upload the supplementary documentation to the online application form. Can I send them by email? No. We do not accept documents submitted separately from the online application form, which can only be submitted by means of the Academy website. Make sure files are in an acceptable format (doc, docx, pdf, jpeg, jpg, png) and that no file is greater than 1 MB. We constantly monitor the website to ensure proper function of the online application process.




  1. Are travel and lodging costs to be paid by the student? Yes.
  2. Are special lodging rates available? Yes, the contact information of hospitality facilities having a special agreement with the Academy are available on the Discounts page of this website.