L’Accademia propone ogni anno specifici progetti di divulgazione e trasmissione della cultura teatrale e musicale e numerosi aggiornamenti per docenti e operatori del settore. L’Area Educational è coordinata da Carlo Delfrati.

A two-hundred year

long road

If we wish to find the roots of Teatro alla Scala’s vocation for transmitting to the coming generations the inestimable living heritage of talent and knowledge of the La Scala masters – not just dance and opera, but also creativity and manual skills – we must go back to 1813 and the founding of the Imperial Regia Accademia di Ballo, today’s Ballet School.The creation of the Scuola dei Cadetti della Scala in 1950, forebear of today’s distinguished Academy of Lyric Opera, and of the Course for Charge Artists in 1970, ushered in ongoing development of professional training at Teatro alla Scala.