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23 April 2014

he Course for stage photographers comprises the process of photoshooting and multimedia content preparation that can document the creating process of a production. The artistic coordination of the course is entrusted to Luciano Romano for the photographic part and to Luca Scarzella for the video part. The program combines theoretical lessons with an intense practical activity at the Teatro alla Scala and other prestigious Italian theaters, with the aim of covering all the performing arts, backstage and on stage: from opera to dance, from live music to drama theater up to musical performances


Practical exercises

The students have the unique opportunity to shoot photos at the Teatro alla Scala and in the major Italian theaters from opera, ballet, live music, drama theater to musical.

"One to One"

In an almost one-on-one relationship, students are closely followed by the instructors, who observe and evaluate them. They are acting as guides in the acquisition of the requested skills of the field.

Complete trainning

The course allows students to develop the skills necessary to create photoshooting services, videos and multimedia projects..

Exclusive meetings

Douglas Kirkland, Steve McCurry, Silvia Lelli and Maki Galimberti are just some of the greatest authors of contemporary photography who have held master classes and testimonies.

Advanced technology

For students, technical material of the latest generation and always updated software.

Course detail 2019/'20

Teaching Staff

Luciano Romano (Technical-Artistic coordinator)

Luca Scarzella (Technical-Artistic coordinator)

- Laura Ferrari
- Lorenzo Dinozzi
- Luciano Romano
- Maurizio Buscarino
- Silvia Lelli
- Rudy Amisano
- Laura Ferrari
- Corrado Crisciani
- Roberto Mutti
- Andrea Angeli
- Filippo Toppi
- Paola Riccardi
- Marcello Mencarini
- Vinicio Bordin
- Andrea Ferrario
- Michele Innocente
- Anna Frigo
- Felice Cappa
- Andrea Massimo Grassi
- Fabio Sartorelli
- Marco Pasotti
- Lorenzo Dinozzi
- Domenico Albanese

Eleven months
From 12 November 2019 to 23 October 2020
Mandatory, from Monday to Friday, approximately from 9.30 to 13.30 as well as two afternoons a week (between 2.30pm and 6.30pm). For didactic needs, some practical exercises can occasionally take place in the evening and on holidays. Any absences must be justified and can not however, exceed 25% of the scheduled hours, under penalty of exclusion from the course, unless motivated derogation by the Academic Board and the Directorate of the Academy.
Prerequisites for admission
- Adult. over 18 years old
- Basic knowledge of photography technique
- Basic knowledge of digital processing software
- Capacity and ability to work in group
- Basic knowledge of the history of photography
- Basic knowledge of musical theater and entertainment
Preferential requirements
- Basic knowledge of shooting techniques and video editing
- Scene photography experience
- Experiences of video-show documentation
Accademia Teatro alla Scala | Ballet School of the Accademia | Teatro alla Scala | Teatro Strehler | Other theatres/institutions – Milan.
The course is open to 15 participants. To access the course it is necessary to pass a selection test * which consists of: a written test to evaluate the basic knowledge of photographic technique, digital processing software and the history of photography and musical theater; an individual interview, with reading of the photographic portfolio brought by the candidate (between 10 and 20 images).
Registration fee of €85, to be paid with a bank transfer or with credit card, and attendance fee to be paid only with Bank SDD (SEPA Direct Debit) in installments. You can find the fee of the course by downloding the brochure.
One or more partial or full fee coverage scholarships are available, for the students considered suitable to the candidates who will apply. Requests can be presented only by students whose ISEE is equal to or less than 17,000.00 euros. It is also possible to access a loan at preferential terms called "loan of honor" to pay the fee by a bank institution. How to apply for a scholarship and an honor loan will be specified in a special call.
The application will be opened on Friday 22 2019.