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23 April 2014

he Course for Stage Photographers wants to train professionals able to move all around the field of historical documentation and multimedia/video installation.

The course aims to develop in the student the ability to work out the entire photographic process and implementation of multimedia products (images, videos and audio tracks), with editing and post-production, up to finalization, with particular attention to the techniques and the digital technologies.

Unless otherwise specified, all photographs used in the Accademia’s printed and digital publications are the work of students in the photography course.



A 650-hour course with a strong emphasis on practical exercises for the immediate application of what students have learned from the experts – as like as Grazia Neri, Douglas Kirkland, Silvia Lelli, Maki Galimberti, Laila Pozzo – and to gain direct experience with the camera.

One to one

In an almost one-on-one relationship, students are closely watched by the instructors, who observe and evaluate them, pointing out and discussing areas for improvement. They thus act as guides in the acquisition of mastery of each technique and in the creation of the student’s portfolio.

Not just photos

The course trains students not only in stage photography skills, but prepares them to produce multimedia products in general. Students will also have the chance to witness an entire performing arts video production project.


The Accademia provides professional equipment such as the Canon EOS 5D Mark III camera with 70-200 f2.8 lens, Panasonic P2 camcorder, Manfrotto photo/video tripods, memory cards and hard disks, as well as professional photo/video editing software. Equipment is also provided for two photography sets: backdrops, flash and continuous lighting, and studio accessories.


During the year, numerous photographic and audiovisual projects are produced in collaboration with other Accademia courses. Students will work in particular in close contact with the costume-making, makeup, and audio technology courses, with all music courses, and with the Ballet School.

Course detail

Main teaching Staff
Luciano Romano (artistic coordinator), Marco Brescia and Rudy Amisano (photographers of the Teatro alla Scala), Maurizio Buscarino, Corrado Crisciani, Laura Ferrari, Roberto Mutti, Luca Scarzella.
from 5 November 2018 to 19 October 2019 (=650 h of both theory and practice).
complulsory, daily Monday-Friday, 4 hours a day.
Prerequisites for admission
basic knowledge of photographic technique.
Accademia Teatro alla Scala | Ballet School of the Accademia | Teatro alla Scala | Teatro Strehler | Other theatres/institutions – Milan.
the admission into the course is subject to passing a screening test, which involves the examination of a photographic portfolio made up by the candidate (prints size=cm20×30) followed by an interview. The Students’ Office will invite the candidates to the selection. Please, read carefully the point 6 of the official announcement.
registration fee of €85, to be paid with a bank transfer or with credit card, and attendance fee to be paid only with Bank SDD (SEPA Direct Debit) in installments.
Application for scolarship may be presented just after the selection process, by the candidate admitted onto the course. The printed scholarship application form will be available later, with a specific announcement.
How to apply
Click on “Apply now” button to pay online the Registration Fee and/or to start to fill in the application form.
Application deadline
September, 23rd 2018.
Currently applications are closed