Distance learning when possible; body temperature scan at the entrance; disposable masks distributed at the entrance to all; daily smocks, gloves, and disposal eye protection for students and instructors engaged in activities involving physical contact; social and spatial distancing; signs and floor markings outside of classrooms and in common areas.

Accademia Teatro alla Scala has implemented these measures in response to the COVID-19 epidemic and ensures the highest level of safety to all students and instructors, who are still able to engage in practical exercises.

Thanks to the collaboration with the Humanitas health centers, COVID-19 blood tests were performed on all students and instructors, fortunately revealing the near total absence of infection by SARS-CoV-2.

The mission of the La Scala school is to ensure its students a full complement of skills and competencies for approaching the job market. The summer courses are a concrete demonstration of this in the hopes we will soon be able to return to the stage and behind the scenes.