Diploma for ballet instructors

High level specialization

The piano accompanist for dance is a highly specialized professional who works at professional and/or amateur dance and ballet schools, dance companies or ballet corps. Piano accompanists work closely with the dance master, providing the most appropriate musical accompaniment for lessons and rehearsals and supporting activities on stage.


Working alongside the dance master, the accompanist’s creativity is stimulated and his/her abilities are put to the test, particularly when asked to improvise the most suitable music for each exercise.

Pratical activity

The curriculum entails lessons in the classroom and an intense traineeship to gain in-depth experience and autonomy in all practical aspects of the profession. The Office of the Director of the Accademia reserves the exclusive and incontestable right to allow a candidate to follow the work of the Ballet School pianists for a period of three months.


Upon completion of the course, the Accademia issues a Certificate of Ability to Provide Musical Accompaniment for Dance to those who have earned marks of 18/30 or higher and attended at least 75% of the lessons. Those who score less than 18/30 will receive a Certificate of Attendance from the Accademia. The top students, chosen by uncontestable judgment of the Teachers’ Assembly and the Office of the Director of the Accademia, will be awarded a Certificate of Merit.

Recap 2020-21

Massimo Ciarella, Stefano Salvatori, Gianna Eremeeva, Elisa Scala.
500 hours divided among lessons in theory and practice, assistance to dance lessons, personal study of repertoire and variations, and project work
One day per week, on Monday, from 9 AM to 6 PM for a total of 36 lessons per year.

Full calendar will be shared at the beginning of the course.
Prerequisites for admission
Students must be legal aged and hold a Level I diploma in piano from a public conservatory or accredited institute of music (or the equivalent degree/diploma earned outside of Italy).
Preferential Factors for Admission
Professional experience as piano accompanist at institutes of training, theatres, dance companies, or ballet corps in Italy or abroad. Documented knowledge and experience in musical accompaniment at public or private schools offering courses in dance. Certificate of Attendance from the two-year Accademia program for rehearsal pianists.
Selection process
Students are admitted to the course after passing an entrance examination consisting in:

1) execution of
- Prelude in G+ from "Das wohltemperirte Klavier" vol. I BWV 860 by Johann Sebastian Bach
- 1 prelude or 1 nocturne by Frederic Chopin (free choice) - duet of the prince and Cinderella (N. 36) or valzer medley (n. 49) from "Cinderella" op. 87 by Sergej Prokof'ev

2) proof of knowledges of harmony and music theory; 3) first sight reading.
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An admissions fee of €85 (eighty euros) must be paid online with a bank transfer or credit card. There is also a participation fee to be paid in installments, the first one by direct debit and all subsequent installments exclusively via SDD (SEPA Direct Debit). For all further details, please download and read the Course Announcement.
Enrolment Process
Applications must be submitted no later than September 14, 2020.
Application form not available at the moment